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Crop yield potential is heavily dependent on seeding efficiency and effectiveness. KUHN seed drills ensure a perfect seeding operation with or without tilling.

Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

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Cover crop seeders
The possibilities offered by the presence of several hoppers on a single seed drill are numerous and very beneficial. Establish two different varieties and incorporate a fertiliser or a cover with three precisely dosed varieties, deliver starter fertiliser or non-moving minerals as close as possible to the seed, or protect seedlings from pests such as slugs. With the SH seeder, benefit from an additional compact seeder that can be adapted across the VENTA, ESPRO, AUROCK and TF front hopper ranges. Gain in precision when sowing your plant cover, anti-slug pellets and fertiliser granules with HELICA helical grooves and ensure a perfect application rate and distribution in all conditions!
Front Hoppers / Seed Carts
Seed with a coulter bar and a front mounted hopper offers the advantage of an ideal front:rear load distribution. With the VENTA blower power, the seeds travel regularly towards the seed drill for an even seeding process. The hopper can also be used for applying fertilizer with the precision seed drill or in combination with a STRIGER.
Mechanical precision seed drills
Crop yield depends highly on seeding precision. KUHN seed drills ensure precise quality seeding without the need for tillage.
Mechanical seed drills
Conventional or integrated, KUHN offers a wide range of mechanical seed drills. Seeding is impeccable with regular crosswise seed distribution. The application rate is precise even on slopes owing to the helical grooves. These practical seed drills are easy to use for seeding all seed types worry-free
Pneumatic precision seed drills
The elaborate design of the MAXIMA and PLANTER single-seed drills makes them exceptionally versatile. Their robustness, great reliability and seeding precision are their main assets. A wide range of accessories such as micro-granulators and fertilisers supports their ability to adapt to every need.
Pneumatic seed drills
KUHN pneumatic seed drills are the perfect combination for productivity and seed establishment quality. The reliability of the pneumatic distribution ensures unmatched seeding precision whatever the working conditions. The variety of seeding units offered by KUHN allows meeting the expectations for all establishment method ranging from seeding on ploughed land to direct seeding. Discover KUHN seeding solutions that meets your needs!

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